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Dell Inspiron 15 review

We love the looks of the latest incarnation of the Dell Inspiron 15, a surprisingly powerful low-cost laptop with a 15.6in screen. Both the inside and the outside of the chassis are decorated in a scaled pattern of textured black triangles. The result feels durable, is resistant to smears and fingerprints and looks great. The laptop is a little thicker and bulkier than some similarly-priced rivals, but it has the features to justify the extra size, including a numeric keypad, a generous 750GB hard disk and a DVD writer.
Dell Inspiron 15
The screen looks good from a wide range of viewing angles and the hinge feels particularly sturdy. It has a standard laptop resolution of 1,366x768; unlike many recent laptops, the Inspiron 15 doesn't have a touchscreen, but it is a bright, high quality display with a gloss finish that makes colours seem more intense. However, like most glossy displays, it is rather reflective, particularly if you have a strong light source behind you.
The keyboard is excellent. It has flat, widely spaced Chiclet-style keys which, like most of their kind, don't have a huge amount of travel. However, their layout - including that of the number pad and arrow keys - lends itself to swift and reasonably accurate touch typing. The touchpad has two buttons below it rather than being of the increasingly common type where the buttons are built into the touchpad. Some users prefer dedicated buttons, finding them easier to use with accuracy. The touchpad is slightly offset from the centre of the laptop but there's still plenty of space on the wrist rest for both your hands. However, the wrist rest appears to be over the processor or some other heat-generating part, as it becomes slightly warm after even brief use.
Dell Inspiron 15
The laptop is more powerful than many at this price, thanks to an Intel Ivy Bridge Core i5-3337U processor. It's a dual-core CPU which runs at 1.8GHz and produced a respectable overall score of 45 in our application benchmarks. The laptop is also equipped with 6GB of RAM, making it well equipped to handle any application you need to run. The only area where this processor may not be particularly suitable is for high-definition video editing; as it only has two cores rather than the four found on more expensive chips, it may struggle with complicated video previews and when encoding video to a different format.
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Backlit Keyboard For Latitude E-series

The Latitude E6230, E6330, E6430S, E6430, E6430 ATG and E6530 systems may be installed with optional backlit keyboard.
E-Series Latitude and Precision portable systems have the option of a backlit keyboard. The settings for the illumination are adjusted in Dell ControlPoint (DCP). From the main DCP screen choose Display and Devices, then click Manage Display & Devices. This brings up the Display Manager window. Hover the mouse pointer over the Keyboard Backlight menu item. Or simply press <FN>+<Right Arrow> to turn on or adjust the illumination brightness or turn off.
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XPS 18 AIO indiePro + Pressure Sensitive Pen Option

Ideal for graphics professionals, game, web and application developers, for an affordable mid range "games/Pro" Windows 8 Touch Screen 64bit PC, featuring nvidia x60M and higher ranged +2GB  graphics. Designed in a similar manner as the XPS 18 AIO Touch model, wirh 8GB and more RAM and combined with the ability to use a pressure sensitive pen (similar to Wacom Cintiq) directly on the glass surface.
XPS 18 + Cintiq Drawing Tablet

The idea is to give a budget choice of Prosumer/Professional Grade Graphics, (nvidia x60M or higher and QuadroM) that could take advantage of the portable format people who move a lot would love, and an amount of CUDA processors for iray and high end graphics from nvidia strong enough for Entry/Mid Range 3dsmax/maya/mudbox professionals and create a device, that would be ideal for mid/high end gamers, developers, and designers.  Of course keyboard and mouse remains. Price it smart, (between mid XPS 18 and mid XPS 27 One) and Artists, Developers, Students, and Gamers are going to love it!

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How to Test Your Dell Inspiron 6400 Battery?

When it comes to testing Dell Inspiron 6400 battery, there are a number of vital aspects that you need to be aware of. Basically, there are plenty of different ways of testing a Inspiron 6400 battery. All you have to do is to conduct a little research online to be able to find out what others are doing to test their laptop batteries. No matter what method you choose to test your laptop battery, you have to have something running. A lot of people tend to have this misconception that they can just turn on their laptop and leave it there. This is not the way you should go about the laptop battery testing.

In order to properly inspect or evaluate your Dell 6400 battery, your notebook needs to be running something, and it certainly helps if it’s using CD ROM drive as well. The more activities that it has performing on it will give you a better understanding of how good your laptop battery is at holding the charge. Once you are done with the testing of the battery, you will be able to determine whether you can keep the existing battery that you already have, or if you need to go for a new one. When you decide to opt for a new Dell 6400 battery, make sure to fully charge the battery before using it for the first time. Otherwise, it would only damage your battery.
If you do not have time to look for a possible solution over the Internet, you always have the option to run this test on your Dell laptop battery. Pick up a music CD and insert it into the CD ROM drive. Allow your laptop to play this CD for about an hour at least. To have clear idea of how good your laptop battery is, make sure that the screen saver does not show up for an hour or so. After playing for a period of about an hour or so, your battery should have at least 70 percent of charge. If it has lost more than that, your battery may be undergoing some degradation. If this is the situation, then your battery is not in the right state, and might undergo further degradation over time. It will, ultimately, force you to keep your adapter plugged all the time. When it happens, it is not much different from that of a desktop.
With that said, this is just one of the many tests that you can perform on your Dell Inspiron 6400 battery. No matter which type of test you run on your battery, but, at least, you should run something on it to gauge its capabilities. When you do this, you find out if your Dell Inspiron 6400 adapter is ready for use. When you are using this type of battery, its behaviour can’t be predicted. You may not want yourself to be in such kind of situations. So, inspect your Dell 6400 battery thoroughly to ensure that your laptop computer is not going to cut off during some important work.
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Review Dell Latitude 6430u - metastable Ultrabook

With 6430u Latitude, Dell has blown a breath of fresh air in a business line capital endurance but certainly comes as stout and heavy designs. Fully meet the requirements of the definition of Ultrabook, Dell products impress slim, compact size while maintaining the traditional characteristics. In addition, shock resistant, spill resistant keyboard and a good configuration, Latitude 6430u is the best choice in the price range of about 20 million.
Tested version equipped with 14-inch screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, an Intel Core i-3427U 1.8 GHz, 4 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD static drive, Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics chip.
Square design is more traditional line of Latitude.


Dell has not changed much in the overall design features of the Latitude on 6430u form with the curved road quite a few. Now from the easily recognized prominent Dell logo on a black background gray of covered rubber coating helps hold the camera more reliable. Fingerprint adhesive layer but this product line is not exposed as much as previous models is the Lenovo Yoga even when viewed under the light can still get out.
The entire shell is made from magnesium alloy should definitely dress hand. Rugged steel hinge and flexible mechanism also helps open the screen 180 degrees for case presentation. On either side, Dell cleverly put bright chrome layer in the connection area and thin claws on the front gently feeling for the product.
Hinge help open the screen 180 degrees.
Weighing 1.81 kg, Latitude 6430u not so special compared to other models with similar screen size ThinkPad X1 Carbon with 1.48 kg and HP EliteBook 9470 Folio is 1.63 kg. About thinness, product and only enough to reach a thickness of defined Ultrabook 20.82 mm. However, it is by this that the products are full port and is one of the few such property Ultrabook today.
However, the most striking point in Latitude 6430u to mention the reliability of the standard U.S. military MIL-STD-810G including shock, shock when dropped from a height of 0.72 meters, vibration, thermal temperature and humidity in harsh environments with temperatures from -10 ° C to 50 ° C.
Left side of the machine.
The right edge.
Slot radiator to make the following addition.
Accessories Dell 6430u is quite simple and the reason for this is fully connected, no more jack port for use as LAN, HDMI, or VGA in many other Ultrabook models. On the left side is the power jack, VGA, USB, 3.5 mm headset jack and a switch to turn on / off Wi-Fi. On the right side of the product is kensington lock, LAN and USB port.
Thermal slot integrated into most of the area at the back along the HDMI and eSATA ports connected virtually the only on Ultrabook current patterns.
Good typing keyboard but no backlight.
Own 14-inch display, the Dell 6430u no extra number keyboard but the size standard keys right and quite spacious. The navigation key size is a significant plus for the product. Thanks to moderately thin, for the short journey down not as many samples Ultrabook other, bouncing moderate though initially familiar feel a bit heavy-handed button. The company put up with shortcut function keys and keys to increase or decrease the volume out right next to the power button. Unfortunately, the keyboard is not backlit, equipment commonly found in business laptops.
In this model, Dell is still selling with the Windows 7 operating system pre-installed in the Windows key has the new logo of Windows 8.
Three touch keys adjust the audio above.
No really excellent keyboard but Latitude 6430u has touchpad can convince more demanding users. Moderate roughness for gesture recognition capabilities is very accurate and does not slip when in use. Especially the ability to make multi-touch possible with the use of two fingers to navigate surfing comfortable. The two mouse buttons below the moderate journey, feeling light touch and sensitivity.
Business models should have a joystick in between the G and H keys and three mouse buttons on the touchpad. Just press lightly and move with very small force, but the mouse on the screen continued to move steadily and accurately. However, the two mouse buttons come with this joystick feels a bit heavy and when you press down, the major thrust is slightly uncomfortable.
Speakers easily dusty after a period of use,
The user to enhance the work activities of the speakers is not too dominant. Be placed in two plastic hinges, but the slots below can make the machine vulnerable to dirt accumulation after a period of use. The sound quality in the fairly large treble but still feeling "" while the bass is not really clear. Enough to hear sound in the room about 20 m 2 for personal entertainment. However, it can not require Latitude 6430u stronger at this point.


The 14-inch anti-glare screen size.
Angle is not really good.
Dell Ultrabook samples using 14-inch screen with anti-glare technology to help users use light even outdoors. Testing showed that the colors still showing good although not brilliant feeling in the mirror screen. Angle is also at a high level. When viewed from the angle of the picture quickly darkened and if the angle is too large, the picture is even slightly distorted colors.
Latitude 6430u also use ordinary resolution is 1366 x 768 pixels capable of displaying only in average. However, high brightness with true display so this is a good product that meets the common needs, such as surf the web, view photos or watch HD videos.


Tested version equipped with 14-inch screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, an Intel Core i-3427U 1.8 GHz, 4 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD, Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics chip.
Score on the Windows Experience Index.
With the test configuration as mentioned above, reached 5.9 points marked by the Windows Experience Index on Windows 7 operating system pre-installed. Specifically, to reach 6.9 point processor, RAM memory is 5.9 points, graphics 6.5, gaming graphics at 6.5 points and the hard drive is 7.9 point.
PC Mark Vantage.
With integrated assessment program PC Mark Vantage, obtaining a total score of 12,849, impressive numbers for a business laptop. On a scale of detail, memory reach 7528 points, the game is 9174 points and for storage of up to 43,040 points.
Scoring with 3D Mark 06.
Comes with an Intel Core i5 ULV Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics chip graphics performance but brings very impressed with the integrated chip. When trying to assess to refine the resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, this results to reach 5,607 points.
CineBench 11.5.
In the experimental results with the program CineBench 11.5, OpenGL 15.66 frames per second and processor is 2.61 points.
Marked with HD Tune Pro 4.01.
CrystalDiskMark 3.0.1.
SSD 128 GB of Latitude 6430u carry speed Get LITEONIT for reading data averaged 301.8 MB / sec. This is a remarkable result compared to many other models using SSDs with an average speed of 150 to 200 MB / sec and beyond about 70 MB / sec average mainstream laptop carry HDD.
Meanwhile, the testing machine to run a HD movie playback 720p and continuously until the machine off, turn off Wi-Fi, use headphones instead of speakers and the volume level to 70% ( sound of the Windows Media Player program to 100%), brightness 50% of the machine run until itself off (also at 5% battery), this time was 2 hours 53 minutes.
Testing open Chrome browser downloads 10 sites and automatically refreshes every 15 minutes, to open an online music and for continuous playback using headphones instead of speakers and the volume level to 70 % brightness 50% of the machine run until about 5% (to enable) pin is 3 hours and 11 minutes.
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Dell Precision M6600 Mobile Workstation: Businesslike and Capable

Dell Precision M6600 desktop replacement laptop
Workstations are a different beast than your typical business laptop, even though modern workstations look and behave much as PCs do. While the era of the workstation with custom, proprietary processing and graphics hardware is behind us, the Dell Precision M6600 is one of the new breed of mobile workstations; these systems go through the rigorous software and driver qualifications necessary to sell to the professional graphics or engineering markets. The level of performance you get in mobile workstations is impressive. I’m not just talking about CPU performance, though the M6600 acquits itself well. I'm also including its other touches, such as the 17.3-inch RGB LED-backlit IPS panel with its impressive viewing angle and color fidelity. The display supports both capacitive and pen-based touch, as well. The pen interface is useful in some workstation-class applications, and the pen is pressure-sensitive, allowing for creative effects in Adobe Illustrator and other programs.
The display is excellent with photographic or video material. The M6600 we tested shipped with an Nvidia Quadro 4000M mobile workstation-class GPU, which handles high-definition video well. Upscaled DVD content was a little soft and noisy, however. This is not a gaming system, but you’ll be able to play games with reasonable frame rates if you dial down the detail settings a bit. For example, in our tests, Dirt 3 set to the High preset ran at 53 frames per second while Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War Retribution ran at 52 frames per second at its Ultra setting.
Audio quality for music is pretty good, if a little on the bright side. Bass is lacking, of course, but it’s pleasing enough and loud enough that you’ll be willing to use the speakers when no one else might be annoyed.
We also ran the Cinebench 11.5 benchmark, which tests performance using Maxon’s Cinema4D 3D rendering engine. The M6600 managed a 5.80 CPU score, placing higher than a Core i7-960 desktop CPU. On the OpenGL test, it hit almost 60 frames per second. We also loaded up Adobe Master Collection 5.5 and checked out Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and Illustrator. We didn’t conduct performance tests with those programs, but subjectively the system was responsive even under load. Having a pair of solid-state drives and 8GB of RAM certainly helps. The pen-based interface worked well, too.
The M6600 scored a very high 152 on WorldBench 6, a result that's about par for a quad-core Intel Core i7-2920XM CPU. The battery lasted a solid 4 hours, 22 minutes in our run-down tests, thanks to the Intel Sandy Bridge CPU as well as to Nvidia’s Optimus technology, which allows the system to run most of the battery tests using only the integrated Intel HD Graphics.
Both the keyboard and the pointing devices are excellent. The laptop boasts a touchpad and a pointing stick, with a trio of mouse buttons supporting each. Three mouse buttons are necessary for a workstation, since many professional apps will make use of all of them. The keyboard has an excellent feel, offering just the right amount of tactile feedback and requiring low-pressure key presses. The layout is one of the most usable I’ve seen.
The M6600 also has plenty of ports. Five USB ports are built in; two on the left side are USB 3.0 ports, and one on the rear is a combo eSATA/USB 2.0 connector. You get lots of options for monitor connections as well, including VGA, HDMI, and DisplayPort.
In addition to the pair of 256GB solid-state drives, Dell includes a slot-load DVD-RW drive, though a system of this class and expense should sport a Blu-ray burner instead. Standard networking choices are limited to 802.11n and gigabit ethernet, but Dell does offer Bluetooth and broadband-wireless options, if you need them.
All this power and usability come at a cost, in weight and in dollars. This particular M6600 configuration will set you back over $5700 (as of September 19, 2011). And you’ll want a comfortable bag to carry it in: Sans the power brick, the M6600 weighs 9 pounds, 3 ounces. With the large, flat, monolithic power brick, the whole affair weighs 11.25 pounds.
What you get for that cost and bulk is a solid workstation-class system that should run your professional applications with aplomb. The addition of capacitive touch is useful when you’re presenting work to clients or staff, while the pen touch enhances your creative efforts. If $5700 is too rich for your blood, you can opt for traditional rotating hard drives, a lesser GPU, and even a lower-performance CPU, though such changes won’t reduce the weight and bulk. When you pull the M6600 out of your bag, your clients will know you’re serious about your work.
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Dell inspiron n4050

Company: Dell
Screen: 14?
Processor: Intel Pentium Dual Core B950 HM65 chipset
Memory: 2 GB of 3DDR –III
Hard Disk: 320 GB with super drive.
Targus carrying case
Extended battery

Intel Pentium Dual Core B950 (2.3 GHz or higher, 2MB cache)
Mother Board: Intel HM65 chipset or higher
Memory 2 GB of DDR-III or higher
Hard Disk Drive Min 320 GB SATA Hard Drive or Higher
Super Drive CD /-RW and 8X dvd R or higher, compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000/Xp/2003/Vista/7 and Red Hat Linux.
Video/Display Card On-board Graphics Controller
Sound Card Standard
Network Adapter On-Board 10/100/1000 base-T Ethernet card (Microsoft Windows 2000/Xp/Vista/7, 2003, Red Hat Linux Supportive)
LCD Display 14-15? SXGA TFT Active Matrix Display
Integrated I/O Interfaces like 2 USB 2.0 Port. 1 RJ45 Jack for Ethernet, External VGA Port, and 4-1 Card Reader and other standard features
Wireless LAN Wireless 802.11abg 54 Mbps or higher, Microsoft Windows 2000/Xp/2003, Red Hat Linux Supportive.
Web Cam Built in Web cam
Batteries & Power Adopter Li-ion Re-chargeable Battery pack with estimated 2 hours battery life or higher
PC Card Slots One Type I or II
Mouse & Key Board 84/85 keys pad and integrated Touch Pad/Pointing Device
Carrying bag Polyester fabric Soft back pack Carrying bag Government Logo, image and Scheme name shall be screen printed on the front pocket as per the designed Logo
Mouse (External) 2.0 USB 2-Button Optical Mouse with Scroll
Operating System & Antivirus Pre-Loaded Windows 7 Home Edition & Antivirus with media Kit
Customized Bios Customized project logo in Bios
Standard accessories Power cable with two/ three pin socket and plug, Interface cable, Power adopter and charger, User manual.

window 8 activated
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